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I am a professional travel & events photographer experienced in:

  • events and shows
  • culture based & ethno photography
  • photojournalism
  • people & outdoor portraits

View my images portfolio to see examples of the high quality photographs I take.

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What do I provide?

Whether you need bespoke and creative shots for corporate marketing and public relations or simply a record photography, I am the right person you are looking for.

  • I do photography at public or private events and shows in the UK, I am interested in people on the move so these are good examples of work I can cover*:
  • I do specialist travel, photojournalism & culture based people photography
    I traveled to many countries, speak French, Spanish, Polish and English
  • I use the latest professional equipment
  • I shoot in any lighting conditions
  • I can provide colour, black and white and many other types of image styles
  • I produce dynamic, high quality digital images and various types of print


Get a quote

Please e-mail me to make a booking, for more information, to discuss a project or for a free estimate. I am always pleased to help.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of service depends mostly on the time I need to spent on photographing and later work. Any expenses occured during and necessary to do my work eg. travel, hotel or entry fees are excluded and shall be paid in addition to the service fee.

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