Latin America

Chicken Bus Frenzy. Old American buses in Guatemalan style are everything but comfort. Still were the best and most enjoyable mean of transport in Central America. People carry there everything, including domestic animals. It's why they are called chicken buses.

Mexico. I went to Mexico in February 2010. I was amazed by the wealth of its inhabitants heritage and them being so proud of it. The country seduced me with indigenous art and culture so strongly present in everyday life.

Cuba. Socialismo o muerte (Socialism or death) is a one of the radical slogans popularised by the communist Cuban authorities.

I visited Cuba twice: in 2007 and 2009. During these trips I wanted to confront my own experiences of communism remembered from my childhood in Poland with Cuban socialist present reality. I also wondered how ordinary people are doing in Castro’s utopian (sur)reality.

This travel was also a search for a natural world free of our ordered and globalised customs. I admired impoverished and intimidated by its own government Cubans who find freedom in their cultural diversity so exceptionally expressed in music and dance.