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"A Man Without A Donkey Is A Donkey" Or Learn Before You Travel

7 February 2011

Deciding about my next holiday, first thing I had done (as I always do) was to buy a flight ticket (return one, let's don't exaggerate) and then I started to think about what I could do where I was planning to go.

That is usually a healthy sequence, it lets me not to suffer from spending much of my money in one go for some well marketed tourist agency. I do spend it much anyway but the process is spread in time so I don't really feel how much I get out of my pocket in total.

Anyway, who cares? This is my annual holiday and I want to have fun, not to worry about the cost.

So this time wasn't much different.

Naturally, I bought a Lonely Planet guidebook (they write the best ones), did some digging in the Internet and found out what I wanted to see and do. Fabulous, trip planned in general.

Then I started to read and plan the details. This will be my first time in Africa, I've learned a lot about the continent up to now, about people and cultures, heard lots of stories, but that was always a theory or a second-hand knowledge. Time to make some practice - let's learn about the reality. So first thing to look at... budget accommodation... and their reviews... aha, yes ...here... read that...

"It's the kind of place that makes you realise that you aren't in Kansas anymore."

"It's very basic indeed, but if it's Africa you want then it's Africa you'll get!"

"The communal toilets were full of goat shit when we visited, but it could have been worse - it could have been elephant shit."

"All rooms have attached bathrooms that come with, wait for it, real hot water from a real shower!"

"The communal toilet is memorable for all the wrong reasons."

(About a 'restaurant' in a frontier town jail:) "Not only do you get a great atmosphere and an excellent nyama choma, but you also get to tell your friends that you went to prison in Ethiopia."

It seems that'll be fun indeed, anyway I'm sure all fascinating stuff will simply blur any inconvenience. And who cares there is no hot water? There is nothing more refreshing than cold shower after sweating the whole day under the burning sun ;)

Besides, there is nothing less boring than our European sterile health & safety rules ;) Let's get some adventure!

So wish me luuuck and good fun in Kenya, folks :)