Hi, my name is Eva, welcome to my travel blog.
I travel since I was a kid but seriously started to discover other continents and more countries in 2006, first in Europe, then in Central America and Africa.
Currently I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Rio De Janeiro

6 Top Nature Trails and Hikes In Rio De Janeiro

14 July 2019

The reare several parks within the city boundaries - so it's your choice what area you want to hike. The closest one is just a bus or two ride and only half or one hour away from the busy centre or South Zone to any of the trails' starting points. It also cost you just a bus ticket. No extreme expenses and no time wasting for long commuting out of the city. Continue reading...

Rio de Janeiro's Hidden Gems

7 June 2019

Everyone coming here wants to "tick off" the most famous and known attractions such as Corcovado with the Christ the Redeemer statue, Sugarloaf or Copacabana beach. And that's totally fine especially if you are in Rio de Janeiro for just a few days. Holidays doesn't stretch left or right so it's natural you want to do the most and not too miss the important bit. Continue reading...

Paqueta Island - The Bike's Heaven

2 June 2019

First I ever heard about the Paqueta Island was when I missed a language picnic Organised there. I took a look at the map and found out a little island in the Guanabara Bay just between Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi. Ever since then I wanted to go there. I finally got an opportunity one Sunday at the beginning of May and a nice weather seemed to favour the idea of a day out of big city. Continue reading...

Where To Learn ABADÁ Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro

31 May 2019

You probably heard of it or already know that capoeira is Brazilian martial art. It's not the most popular of all martial arts but for sure it's one of most intriguing and quite different than Asian versions. It combines physical training and fight with music and singing which sometimes make people believe its rather a dance. Continue reading...

The Feel Of Rio

17 May 2019

Rio de Janeiro is a huge metropolis and probably the most famous city of Brazil, to the extend that most foreigners think it is the country's capital. Well, it isn't, not anymore at least. It used to be the capital city but the centre of power moved in 1960 to well planned and build from scratch Brasilia. Continue reading...

'Credit Or Debit?' Or Rio By Card

2 May 2019

Shortly before leaving this time for Brazil I discovered a cool digital bank Monzo and set up an account. The advantage of it is that they don't rip of in currency exchange and allow withdrawal abroad for free for the amount of up to £200 so I don't loose money for simple banking services. If you have to live off your savings every penny matters. Continue reading...

Easter BBQ

22 April 2019

One of things I like abroad is to experience a totally different live styles and customs which are sometimes miles away from what we are used to experience in our home countries. Continue reading...

Top 10 of Rio de Janeiro Street Food

1 April 2019

One of the things I love in Latin America is the abundance of food and eating choices. When I first came to Rio de Janiero I couldn't feel disappointed. Even though the choices and menu vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood it is still good and it's hard to be left hungry in town. Continue reading...