Hi, my name is Eva, welcome to my travel blog.
I travel since I was a kid but seriously started to discover other continents and more countries in 2006, first in Europe, then in Central America and Africa.
Currently I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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The Best Attractions and Sigths of Malta

4 April 2020

I must say that I was thinking of visiting Malta for quite some time as I had a good feedback from feidns who were there. But in most cases I was hearing: oh Malta, they have lots of churchues! So I always thought of it as the country where the main attraction are ...churches. Well, nothing wrong with it but I saw so many of religious architecture in my life that it wasn't my main desire to see more during another travel. So.. it wasn't at the top of my list. Continue reading...

A Quick Guide To Megalithic Attractions in Malta

11 February 2020

Even if you are an avid travel lover and like to explore culture and history of different countries you may not quite dig in to everything that such a small state like Malta has to offer. I equipped myself in a guide book and obviously read before the travel but what I discovered from this lecture is quite astonishing: Malta has lots of Megalithic and prehistory remains and museums. Continue reading...

Hidden Gems Of Sweden (End Of Summer)

26 August 2019

I never had a chance to visit Sweden before - I was usually going to sunny places plus had no occasion to do so. This time I happened to have a friend working there for a few months and as I returned to Europe in July I didn't think twice and bought tickets to visit him during the August long weekend. Continue reading...

My First (=Best) Athens And Greece Experience - Part 1

9 August 2019

Do you sometimes have times in life that you are feeling so enhausted, dull or simply bored of too much work, daily routine, every day problems or tiring people around you that you cannot stop thinking about getting out to somewhere nice, to rest or enjoy free time and careless moments? That you cannot stop thinking about adventure? Continue reading...