Hi, my name is Eva, welcome to my travel blog.
I travel since I was a kid but seriously started to discover other continents and more countries in 2006, first in Europe, then in Central America and Africa.
Currently I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Loving Heart Never Forgets

22 October 2017

I ordered my taco and walked of the bar to see the view from the pier in Ventura. Ordinary women in jeans, dark blouse and woollen hat covering bright long hair was sitting on the bench. One knee under the chin, cigarette in one hand and a phone in the other. I saw the sunset on her screen.

I said this is beautiful isn't it pointing at the horizon. She said yes. 15 years ago my brother passed away here. My father and other man took surfing boards and spread his ashes to the sea just at the top of the pier. And I saw big tears in her blue eyes.

I just hug her and said I'm so sorry. He must have loved this place. Yes we are from here. I'm missing him so much. And tears started running on her cheeks.
I hug her warmly again. He takes care of you now and he wouldn't like you to be unhappy. He is in the better world now.

Thank you. I feel you have good energy she said. We started talking.
Loving heart never forgets. Even after 15 years.